We have a distinguished track record
From its conception in mid-1985, initially a trading company, Marunda has steadily engaged in continuous improvement, upgrading and diversification, becoming a reputable name in the field of engineering services in the Asia-Pacific region. Today, Marunda is an approved and registered service provider for Military Sealift Command, the United States Navy (US Navy) and United States government, the Singapore government, and the oil and gas industry.

For over a decade, Marunda has served several termed contracts to Singapore government’s Public Utilities Board, providing equipment sales, after-sales parts supply and maintenance services to power plants and auxiliary equipments at various water reclamation plants in Singapore.

We possess a diverse set of capabilities
Beyond repairing engines of various makes and models, Marunda’s expertise also extends to the repairs of rotating equipments and machineries such as pumps, hydraulic actuators/motors, compressors, anchor handling equipment as well as all types of valves and actuators.

In addition, Marunda is providing underwater hull cleaning and inspection using man-operated or Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Marunda is also capable of carrying out the following services: voyage ship repairs, heavy equipment handling and rigging, structural and hull fabrication and repairs, supply and installation of US Navy-approved (MIL-SPEC) materials including deck covering, thermal and acoustic insulation and lagging, and in-situ chemical flushing of condensers aboard US Navy ships and commercial vessels.

Presently, Marunda also engages in an array of ship husbandry services, from supplying fuel bunker barges and line handlers to providing logistic support and transportation vehicles (such as minivans, buses, sedan vehicles, low-bed trailers and covered container trucks) for the US Navy and government.

We also manufacture and custom make various Marunda transportation and Marunda multipurpose cases adhering to Mil-Spec standards with any design, size, quantity and configuration for various applications such as military, search and rescue, logistics, medical, oil&gas, mining and other fields. The cases are light-weight, portable, has a high impact resistance, shock absorbent, waterproof, dust proof, rust proof and is air-drop and maritime transport capable. They are durable even under extreme weather conditions and can be operated in all atmospheric pressure and temperature, allowing for use in land, sea and air. Some cases can be quickly opened into stands, cupboards, tables, drawers and safe boxes.

We stand for quality products
Marunda is the Exclusive Authorized sales and service representative for top-class engine makers such as Fairbanks Morse Engine USA, the maker of world-renowned Enviro-Designed Opposed Piston (OP) Dual Fuel Engines, FM-ALCO 251 Series Engines, Colt-Pielstick PC4.2/PC2.5, PA6B STC and FM-MAN 48/60. Marunda also represents Guascor Energy of Spain, Farymann Diesels of Germany, PRM transmission Gearbox of the United Kingdom, and Dex-O-Tex Marine Deck Covering of the United States, among others. In addition, Marunda markets REC Solar Panel for green energy solutions.

We foster people excellence
Growing competency is key to Marunda’s success. Marunda’s production staff continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills through training and seminars, and most of the senior staff have been factory-trained by Marunda’s principals.

The Management of Marunda is also committed to maintaining inclusive growth among its personnel. Various social activities are organized to encourage and practice positive interaction among staff and foster a harmonious work environment.